The Hollard Log


A two-story establishment in downtown Hawthorne Heights, it is a freehold for any supernaturals in town. While it is warded against mundanes from entering, inside no supernatural abilities are able to be used aside from naturally passive abilities. This includes shifting between forms for Garou (as well as using gifts and performing rites) and other changing breeds, use of Disciplines for Vampires, and Sphere magic for Mages. Most fetishes, relics, and wonders will also not be usable, or at least will have dampened effects.

On the other side of that coin, it takes an unfathomably powerful force to penetrate into the bar as well. To date, no outside supernatural force has been able to break through.

There is only one known place within the establishment where this restriction is not in place – the VIP room. Although there appears to be no physical key or specific password, once granted permission by the owner, Hagatha Jenkins, one can freely enter.

The Hollard Log

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