Spheres of Influence

In World of Darkness there is often a great deal of discussion and debate as to what a Will Worker can and cannot do at various levels of Sphere knowledge.

In Hawthorne heights, we propose a system that helps to balance the game for cross venue play and simplify the system of Sphere Effects to make playing much easier for both beginners and experienced veterans.

While we generally accept the rules of Mage: The Ascension 20th anniversary edition, in this instance we will be overriding the book entirely. Refer only to the following set of rules.

Following are a list of links to each Sphere of Influence and specifically what each Mage has access to at each level of each Sphere.
Keep in mind that this is simply a general guide and there may be abilities not yet accounted for that will need to be placed. Due to this, information regarding these is subject to change by the Head ST; however, notification will be given to the players on the announcement board on our front page.










Spheres of Influence

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