To the North of the city in the thick of the woods is a collection of old cottages, with a town center, seemingly untouched by time. Outsiders are viewed with suspicion, and it is typically passed through, often stopped at only for gas or directions.

The houses are relatively scattered, most being a mile or so apart at least, those closer to the town square tend to be more unified. There are modern conveniences in the town, but most things have a single option, such as the Bean & Gone coffee shop, or the Snack Rack bakery.

For those in the know, Prudence is the town stead of the local Verbena. It is the largest gathering of Mages and their kin in all of New England.

Most practitioners who live in Prudence have taken more modern vows with their initiations; to harm none with their power directly (with exceptions for self defense, or defense of another), to teach any who would seek to learn, et cetera. Blood sacrifice is not commonly performed in Prudence.

There are multiple separate circles all serving a function or place within the community; however, the entire town gathers for large rituals and Sabbats. There is also a singular Witch Queen who rules over the other High Priestesses of the town, she is voted into office from the existing High Priestesses once every 3 years.


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