Life in Hawthorne Heights


Hawthorne Heights has always been a mecca for the supernatural ever since it was founded back in 1826.

Hawthorne Heights has always been a bustling city of trade due to Hawthorne Harbor in the East.
There are many abandoned warehouses and buildings near the Northern waterfront that were once used for fishing, but since have been left behind or condemned as small fishing businesses in town were bought out by larger ones.

Downtown Hawthorne is a bustling trade center, with a couple of large banks and a technical institute that stokes the fires of technology in the town.
There is a small bar district downtown where Hawthorne celebrates all of its biggest holidays, some for which all meaning has been lost with exception of gathering together to celebrate.

Most natives of Hawthorne celebrate the strangeness of the town, reveling in the fact that their city is different. For such a small city, the people there know that there are people from all walks of life. They often recognize that strange things and people happen in the city from time to time, but they embrace and accept this as simply the way that their city is.

To the West of Hawthorne Heights is Somerville, a college city that is home to Richard Stockton University.
Somerville has a much greater population than Hawthorne, and is only a 30 minute drive west, leading to a lot of traverse for students to and from Hawthorne.
Much of the land between Hawthorne and Somerville has been taken by the State for wild life preservation, leading to a vastly wooded area to the North and North West of Hawthorne, as well as to the South and South West of Hawthorne.

Directly to the North there is a small settlement called Prudence that does not particularly contribute to Hawthorne’s bustling businesses, but the lines of incorporation for Hawthorne and Prudence touch directly.
Much of Prudence is very green, and Prudence is so small that much of the wildlife there remains.
It is another 40 minutes North before one reaches any major city.

For the supernatural in Hawthorne things are relatively peaceful between all races of supernatural, uneasy truces and even a very tender alliance or two have been formed; however, all things are tentative and can be changed with time.

The most peculiar aspect of Hawthorne is how the supernatural (particularly Mages) seem to trade one another in Favors. This is simply referred to as the Law of Favors.

These Favors are taken very seriously by the people who owe or are owed them, and are never broken. This is due to the fact that for whatever reason, in Hawthorne Heights, reality’s consensus is turned towards these Favors. Either through tradition over time or through metaphysical means a contract involving a Favor is never to be broken.

More information on Favors can be found here.

Life in Hawthorne Heights

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