Character Creation

Character Creation in a few easy steps -

There are interactive Excel based templates available in the Character Sheets tab listed as CharSheet_Template.xlsx
You will need to download the sheet to your computer using Microsoft Excel, and then Save As your character’s name and forward them to Atxmagehh for approval.
Please list where you spent your freebie points in the message to expedite the process of your approval.

The rules for our game start off similar to any other -

7/5/3 for Attributes (we also allow for 6/5/4)

13/9/5 for Skills

Next one selects 6 dots in spheres, keeping in mind that one can only select up to one’s Arete level in any sphere, so only pick up to the level you intend to purchase Arete to (max 3).
In our game, a Mage is not restricted to any specific spheres as their favored sphere, you may select any particular one. This sphere will be noted to the story teller in the submission message.

Select 7 points in Backgrounds

Mages receive 25 freebie points at creation.
Freebie point costs are as follows

Attributes (Every character has 1 in each) – 4 points
Skills- 2 points
Spheres (each Mage begins with 6 of their choice)- 7 points
Arete (max 3, all Mages start with 1)- 4 points
Backgrounds- 1 point
Willpower (max 8, every Mage starts with 5)- 1 point

Min-maxing is strongly frowned upon in Hawthorne Heights, and stats for every character must be qualified by the characters background/history.
The higher the point in a stat, the more justification that will be needed before approval.
Characters may be rejected for having stats that do not make sense to their background (for instance, there is no reason for a Heart Surgeon to have Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina 4 with Brawl, Melee, and Firearms at 4 as well and will never be justifiable; whereas a Euthanatos Assassin may be able to justify at least a few of these due to their Tradition and training.)

Optionally, a character may take Flaws listed in the books totaling up to 7 points of potential freebie points additional to what one receives initially. With these you may purchase Merits or apply towards regular stats.

While there is not a composed list as of yet, some merits and flaws are currently banned or restricted such as eidetic memory and the may fly curse. Simply request information from a story teller if you locate any merits and flaws you may be interested in for now.

Free Stuff and Information-

Passive Abilities-

Every Mage in Hawthorne Heights has a unique Passive ability – this is due to the fact that we believe their unique powers are constantly trying to express themselves in the Mage’s life. (Examples may include Prime sight that is constantly active, animal speech, hearing background music to everything that is happening, spirit speech & sight that are constantly active, etc.) These abilities do not have to be rolled, as they are considered to be constantly active and your pattern is suffused with this energy.

While this ability does not have to be completely explained by your spheres you will require at least the 2nd dot in the Sphere that primarily governs the ability, and the 1st dot of any additional Spheres involved.
These abilities are again intended to be unique in nature and while they may be similar in nature, should never be exactly the same as the Passive of another character.
These abilities should strongly reflect the personality of your character more than anything else, and should emerge in their personalities to an extent if not outright.

The player is responsible for keeping up with their Passive abilities, and an ST will rarely do this for you. If you do not mention your Passive at the time of something occurring, it is considered that your Passive’s “roll” failed.

Endowment Rolls -

Every character will be given an additional endowment roll by the ST approving your character, which will grant them a random blessing, item, boost of xp, etc. to help get the character started. These rolls are random and change seasonally with the quarterly event. These rolls are balanced to the best of our abilities, but again are completely random.

Endowments granted in the earliest seasons of the game will be much stronger than in later seasons of the game as more players join and the need to bring characters up to an intermediate level is lessened.

Freebie Points -

A player’s first character in each venue will receive twice as many freebie points as any other character they create in that venue. This is to encourage players to try out new venues, and to ensure that there is a decent ratio of intermediate characters to beginning characters.

Re-spawning -

In the event of a character death, the player will be granted a parting gift by their beloved creation based on the nature of their death.
Characters that die in glorious battle are more likely to spawn greater gifts than ones that die due to indiscretion or outright idiocy.
Older characters are also more likely to spawn a greater gift than newer characters.

These gifts from your characters will be unique in nature and will be granted by the Story Teller who governs the scene of your character’s death.

This is not a tool for players to change characters after they decide that the character is not what they want any more. A character that is quit by their player shows them no love, and the player does not receive any benefit towards their next generated character.

The Law of Grace -

Every character is granted a period of grace, during which time the character’s dots, rotes, personality traits, and position in the world are mutable. At any time during this period you may elect to make changes to the character or scrap them entirely and start from scratch (at which point they will have simply been viewed as a side character/walk on roll).

Table Top characters are granted 3 full game sessions to make such changes to their personality/traits/dots/etc.

Online only characters are granted 6 game sessions of play to make such changes.

Characters that are a hybrid will simply view 1 Table Top game session as 2 Online game sessions.

The last day that you play will finalize your character.
It is the duty of the player to inform the ST who approved the character of any changes to the sheet.
Even if the changes are not made immediately, as long as they were submitted within the time frame for creation we ensure that the changes will be submitted for approval.

Character Creation

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