Benny Points

How do I earn a Benny?

Benny Points are a system of reward that we give to players for exceptional role playing and great story telling.

For example – If a player does something that is exceptionally in their characters nature that does not benefit them in any way (or more importantly may hinder them)the character may be granted 1 Benny Point.

Other examples may include extremely well thought out social plots and scenes between players etc.

These points will go down in a GM only field that cannot be seen by players, so you will have to keep track of your own Benny Points when they are granted to you.

Spending my Benny Points

A Benny Point can be spent as a get out of jail free card.

For example – I declare a spell that botches at a crucial moment, I may spend my Benny Point to get a free re-roll of that particular spell, making sure to spend willpower or take my time with the spell etc.

Other examples may include opening a door that has something bad behind it, etc.

Any point spent needs to only take back the preceding action, and should not cause a scene to be retconned in any way.

Benny Points

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