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Mage: The Ascension

Welcome to Mage: The Ascension – Hawthorne Heights!

For newcomers, please feel free to check out the basics listed under our Game Wiki to get started (especially since things work a little differently in Hawthorne Heights).

Our game is a combination of both Table Top and Online play, you may participate in either or both.

We have quarterly events listed on the Calendar, and all available ST run sessions are listed for ease of scheduling.

A question and answer section will be available on the Forum soon, until then feel free to message Atxmagehh for any assistance.

For those who are interested there is also a Facebook group chat where the players casually talk about life and game. We also utilize this to make random announcements and impromptu game sessions.

Random Announcements

Sphere Wiki

The Wiki page outlining how we will be working with the spheres has been outlined in its entirety.
Adjustments may be made without notification over the next couple of weeks if issues arise from a lack of balance in game play; however, I feel comfortable enough to release them to the game for now.

The link is here – Spheres of Influence


Character Sheets

A few of you have been asking about access to your character sheets or having them privatized.

I’m afraid to say that it would be too difficult for us to make individual character drives for every player, unfortunately we are going to have to trust each other not to Meta Game and share a file.

If Meta Game becomes an issue then we will discuss outlining guidelines and a punishment system.
For now the Benny Points system should be incentive enough to avoid Meta Gaming entirely. And we wouldn’t want to lose that.

In the mean time, feel free to save the link for your character sheets using the following link – Character Sheets

Eventually they will be directly tied to your characters pages and you will be able to simply pull them up all by yourself directly from your profile.

Home Page

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