Vivienne Lavine

The Traditionalist


Vivienne Elizabeth Lavine


Height: 5’4"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Grey

Vivienne is always seen wearing a robe, or a beautiful flowing dress of some form.
She is always well put together, even in her older age.
She has a very cheerful disposition, and a bright inviting smile.


Vivienne has lived on the outskirts of Prudence since before anyone can remember.

Her cottage in the woods has always been there, looking oddly out of place with its colorful stained glass windows and bright gold and red paint.
Her home is very elaborate and beautiful, but has absolutely no modern conveniences whatsoever.

She always makes for a perfect hostess to whoever may happen by her cottage, and is perfectly pleasant and polite.
In her old age, she has become somewhat forgetful, and loses track of time often.

Vivienne has always lived under a certain level of suspicion from the townsfolk of Prudence, because she is a Gardener of the Tree.
She does not believe that the craft should be passed down to anyone simply because they are wiling to learn it, and believes that those who awaken to it without a blood right are not pure and will bring strange and foreign ideas to the already weakened craft.
She also does not believe that hedge magicians should be allowed to participate in true Verbena rites.

While Vivienne’s views on this are very strong, she has never taken any action regarding the issue.

Vivienne has been known to show a great deal of talent with Life, Matter, and Prime effects, but greater than all of these, she is a true master of Spirit.

Regardless of their distrust of her views, the Verbena often turn to her for guidance in umbral matters.

Vivienne Lavine

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