Trent Lane

Ecstatic and erratic, a rock star looking for a stage


Height: 6’3"

Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Hazel Green

Age: 28

“Young & Beautiful” – Lana Del Ray
“I Adore U” – Adore Delano
“Prison Sex” – Tool
“Better Than I Know Myself” – Adam Lambert
“Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root
“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” – The Beatles (slow arrangement)
“Back to the Start” – Lily Allen
“The Killing Type” – Amanda Palmer
“Ballroom Blitz” – Sweet
“Lux Aeterna” – Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet

One would never suspect that the boy whose father’s mediterranean features are more prevalent was actually half Japanese. He is often seen wearing a leather jacket, with no shirt underneath, and usually lets his hair flow freely, spilling down to the small of his back. In the right light, he may even seem androgynous, but can never be denied his sex appeal.

If not at a random venue performing or practicing his guitar, he’s likely having a drink or aimlessly riding his motorcycle around town.

He is always seen with his most treasured possession, Tiphareth – a guitar of a very unique nature, strapped across his back. It is the primary foci for his magic.


Entering his late twenties is strange for a man that technically hasn’t existed for eight years. After a mission to an alternate universe went amok, leaving it in shambles and its oppressed people confused and without structure, he elected to be sent back to help it stay stable and allow them to survive and flourish. What he didn’t realize was the cost of this wish.

Eight years of his life in this world – years where he had once unintentionally sold his soul to a demon who forced him to murder his closest friends, years where he had known his best friend Lance Cooper, years where he had fallen in love with a Kitsune shifter, years where he had been mauled by Black Spiral Dancers – are now no more than memory. His body shows no scars, and the lives he had affected, for the better and worse, are as if he had never been there.

Slowly, memories of him are trickling back into the minds of people he knew in that previous timeline. But can Trent ever reclaim the place in this world he once held? Likely not. And likely for the best.

He currently works at The Basement as a gogo dancer and barback, though while he is trained for the latter, he spends most of his time as the highest-tipped dancer in the bar.

Trent Lane

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