Shamice LaRouge

The Silver Sword


Age: 31

Height: 5’7"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

A rather demure woman with a kind smile and a stern tone, Shamice is a benevolent member of the Silver Shield Coven. She is often seen in either her green riding cloak and outfit or beautiful peasant’s dresses.


Although Gwennifer has seen her pure heart and has deemed Shamice as a strong asset to the Silver Shield Coven, Shamice herself is very insecure about her own abilities, only shedding her insecurities in an emergency, when she doesn’t have time to doubt.

With moderate control of Life, Matter and Spirit energy, and only the beginnings of knowledge for Forces and Correspondence, Shamice’s primary skills are in melee and hand-to-hand combat, having been trained by her rough-and-tumble older brothers. While she normally is very genteel and lady-like, when around her closest friends, her inherent tomboy-ish nature surfaces.

Her eldest brother was actually her inspiration to join the Silver Shield, as he had been corrupted in her very young years by drug addiction and power hunger, eventually turning to dark practices of magic as well as common thievery and assault. His powers were bound by the council, and he took his own life before the following sunrise. The tragic loss of her brother as well as seeing the pain he had caused before his sentence and suicide had come to pass spurred in her a drive to ensure an end to injustice of all forms in Prudence.

Shamice LaRouge

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