Selena Brightendale

The Guiding Star


Selena Dennise Brightendale

Age: 36

Height: 5’7"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Selena wears comfortable and functional outfits. She is fond of head wraps and elaborate headbands, hair ties, and scarfs.
Selena has a motherly look and kindness, she is a warm and gentle person.


Selena was born in upstate New York, and lived a penniless life with her single mother.

Her mother worked herself to the bone to put Selena through school and ensure that she had a better life than she herself had.
Selena had always wanted to sing, but her mother would not allow her to do something so impractical.

Selena managed to live her fantasy through the theater department at Richard Stockton University where she assisted with lighting.
It was there that she met her husband Ian Brightendale, a blood line Verbena with a strong ancestry.
He was a hedge witch from Prudence, but his faith was fascinating to her.

She took to magick like a fish to water, and after 2 long years of study and practice, she was chosen to be initiated, and a year afterwards, awakened through the goddess Asteria.

Selena and Ian have two daughters together, Serenity and Reyna.

Selena is excellent with Time, Spirit, and Mind magick, and shows some lesser talent for Entropy and Life.

She is mentor to Helena.

Selena Brightendale

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