Sara Kissinger

The Steampunk Warrior


Sarabeth Brittany Kissinger

Age: 25

Height: 5’7"

Hair: Red (dyed)

Eyes: Brown

Sara is always dressed in her steampunk best, no matter what she’s attending.
Be it in form fitting leather, or a tutu and corset with goggles, she always looks like a gorgeous character from a movie.
Her attitude is less than pleasant at first, but she has been known to warm up to a few select people.


Sara is one of the best and brightest at the largest computer repair store in town Compuclinic.
She is excellent with any form of hardware, and works on cars in her spare time, but her passion is steampunk technology. She is well known for her ability to turn a pile of old spare parts into a functional device.

Sara is an established Son of Ether who has shown a great deal of talent with Matter, Forces, and Prime sphere knowledge.

She shares a 2 bedroom apartment with her best friend Adam.

Sara Kissinger

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