Roan McAlee

The Reluctant Guide


Roan McAlee

Age: 24

Height: 5’6"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Roan is a gentle and kind-hearted soul who generally displays a quiet and unassuming exterior.
Roan, however, is quite spirited and can give the sternest of looks.

She speaks softly but with a strong Irish accent.
Roan dresses in very modern print dresses and jackets, and is often seen wearing a fair bit of jewelry or carrying a large bag full of trinkets.


Roan was born in Ireland to a gypsy mother who passed away when Roan was still young.
After grieving her mother’s death, she was taken in and raised by family who were part of a troupe of traveling gypsies who moved all over Europe.

Roan was fascinated by the different cultures of places she went to, and was constantly learning the history of every town and city she traveled to; particularly the history of local legends and ancient lore.

On a particular trip back to Ireland, Roan awakened as a Verbena witch, having had such a strong connection to the ancestral spirits of her homeland.
She abandoned the troupe, giving them all of her love, and remained in Ireland to learn from the spirits of her new found world.

She immersed herself in the world of nature spirits, and sometimes more depressingly, the world of those who had departed this world but could not find their way to the next. She often served as a guide to those unfortunate souls who could not find their way into the next world.

Eventually in her quest to understand her power and gather new knowledge and insight she came to Hawthorne Heights, knowing that it was a mecca for the supernatural she has remained ever since.

Roan McAlee

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