The Thunder Demon


Spirit Form -

Height: 6’7"

Fur: Yellow and Grey with Pink tips

Eyes: White

Raiju’s spirit form is that of a great dire wolf with a slender form. She has small electrical arcs coming off of white tribal-esque markings in her fur and from her eyes. The tips of her ears and tail are pink.

Human Form-

Height: 5’4"

Hair: Light Pink

Eyes: Blue

Raiju’s human form is that of a young Asian woman who always wears armor.


Raiju is a powerful storm spirit who has been referred to as a demon many times over for her destructive and chaotic nature.

Raiju will linger in places where the veil is thin (particularly near the coastline) and observe humans out of curiosity; however, she is very temperamental in dealing with them.

She has a weakness for low brow forms of humor, and is easily entertained; however, if a joke goes over her head and she is offended, a strong gust of wind may be the only warning one has before a storm begins.

Raiju shows great control over destructive weather patterns, particularly thunder storms and lightning.



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