The Book Spirit


Spirit form-

Height: 10"

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Black

Wears a black robe that seems to absorb the light around him, only the light from fire is not effected by this.

Human form-

Height: 4’9"

Hair: Greyish Blue

Eyes: Black

Aside from being incredibly thin and frail looking, his appearance is that of an androgynous human. He sounds more like a girl than a boy, and is incredibly short.


Palotan is a lesser spirit of knowledge and books who befriended Kaiden’s father many years ago.

After the death of Kaiden’s parents, Palotan befriended Kaiden instead.

While Palotan regularly expresses his dislike of humans and believes them to be lesser beings, it is evident that he is extremely curious about their customs and constantly strives to understand them.

Palotan has shown a great control over the spheres of correspondence and spirit, with some lesser power over mind abilities. While Palotan has the ability to shift between a human-like form and his spirit form, he advises that it is simply due to his superior status as a spirit of knowledge that he is able to do this and shows no other control of the life sphere.


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