Morgan Watson

Thundering Mountain


Age: 25

Height: 7’1

Weight: 335

Hair: Shaven, naturally red

Eyes: Brown

The lumbering giant (when dressing himself) is often seen in second hand ratty looking clothing.

Recently he became involved with Lance Cooper who charged himself with changing his live in flings’ attire.

Morgan is very level headed and warm (for a Garou) and has an excellent sense of humor. His intimidating size and the scars on his body often put people off at a glance, but everyone warms up quickly to the lovable giant.


Born in a large city on the east coast, Morgan was abandoned at an extremely young age and left to fend for himself in the streets. He became little more that wild animal hunting the back alleys in order to stay alive. His emaciated frame and ragged clothes caught up to him one winter in a back alley, where he finally thought he would find the release of death when he was found by an old homeless couple. They took him in to their shelter and nursed him back to health until he could move on his own again. Seeing an opportunity for survival, he stayed and learned what he could from them, reading, writing, simple math. He quickly grew strong and acted as a protector of his new family and camp they lived in, chasing off thugs and miscreants alike with makeshift weapons of pipe and scrap. It was a good life for him, until a local gang got tired of the camp in their turf and turned their guns on them. In midst of the blood shed and carnage something in Morgan snapped and he blacked out. He woke the next day surrounded by armed homeless men claiming to be family, bearing a story of the butchery and ruin he had brought to the offending gang… and the entire city block.

Stricken with the shock of what he had done, he took heavily to alcohol during his initiation into his new family. Throughout his entire career he was plagued by mishaps and accidents, costing him the respect of his peers. Driven from home after home by mockery and disdain, Morgan made few friends in his travels and would tackle the worst assignments in each sept he stopped in. Spirals, banes, rouge magi, buildings, all fell before the boots of the Thundering Mountain until even those that mocked his failures could not dismiss his prowess in battle. Still stinking of cheep booze majority of the time, his outlook has simmered down to boiling rage hidden behind booming laughter and smiles.

Now taking up residence in Hawthorn Heights, he has made and lost a pack, the only two people he ever called family and his two children, a girlfriend who turned out to be another shifter and most of his hair after a run in with a particularly pissed off fire spirit. All in all, not the worst place he’s been in.

Morgan Watson

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