Michael Heitz

The Front Man


Michael Shane Heitz

Age: 29

Height: 6’

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Michael always dresses to the occassion, and always looks fantastic no matter what he wears.
He has a charming smile and a fantastic personality, he is always the life of any party.


Frequently seen in the back of The Basement it is well known that Michael is one of the best dealers in the city. He deals in anything as petty as marijuana, to things as life shattering as methamphetamine. For Mages he deals in much more. His supplier can provide a Mage the experience of having a different paradigm for a time, or even the power of a sphere for a brief time.
Michael has a great number of connections, and he will help almost anyone get anything they need for a price.

Michael is constantly seen with different people romantically, both men and women. This is often attributed not only to his looks and his connections, but to his near Mastery of Life and Mind effects. He has also shown a great deal of talent for Correspondence and Time effects, making him an unpleasant foe.

Michael Heitz

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