Lee Crow

The Non-Person


He was a tall, charismatic man, always seen in the most fashionable and professional wardrobe, yet friendly and kind in nature. His icy eyes still seemed to bear a warm light, right up until his final days began to count down.


Lee was not always a person. In fact, he only existed for eight years, although he and everyone associated with him held full life memories of him.

The truth of who, or rather what, he was was not revealed until shortly after a different person – a man who hadn’t existed for those eight years, returned and unknowingly began to reclaim the part of himself that was used to construct Lee.

As part of his wish to go to the other world and fix the mess he had left, Trent Lane’s Magic and Humanity along with parts of his core personality were constructed into Lee Crow. This, as well as his other parts (Joy, and Loyalty) were kept in this world in various forms by Rose, as a “back door” of sorts for Trent to return through.

Once Trent’s presence began to pull his humanity back out from Lee, things became a bit complicated. The problem was that Trent’s magic and personality weren’t all that went into Lee’s creation. They were wrapped around the collected paradox created by the wish itself, and in these 8 years, that paradox had come to form its own consciousness.


This paradox spirit remained with the group for just a few short days, using artificial humanity provided by Rose so it could complete its current mission to overthrow a Technocratic organization at The Hive. Once they had reached the umbral portal they had been sent there to destroy, Lee used the last of his will, humanity, and magical power to blow it up, taking himself as well in the suicidal blast.

As a relatively powerful Hermetic, Lee had built up a small cult of followers. Nothing is as yet known as to what has become of them since his death.

Lee Crow

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