Lance Cooper

The Pagan Prodigy


Lancelot James Cooper

Age: 25

Height: 5’7"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Lance is a clean looking, pleasant, social, southern young man.
His voice is a light crisp tenor, and he has a decently thick Southern accent, pronounced further by the accents of people here in the North.
He tends to dress very nicely, and has a very clean, dapper looking, haircut.


The Story So Far – - –
Lance was born and raised in Austin, Texas along with his loving older sister Brooke Cooper.

Growing up as a gay boy in Austin wasn’t nearly as bad for him as it often was for other boys from other cities and towns in Texas. But his Father (Law Firm Partner) was vehemently against it, while his Mother (Interior Decorator to the Rich and Famous) swept it under the rug and ignored it.

Having always had an interest in fantasy novels and supernatural movies and television shows, Lance was fascinated in high school to find out that Wicca was a genuine religion. Studying everything he could get his hands on for years, he ultimately came into contact with Alice Fernbaker, owner of the local Pagan Store.

Between attending public rituals and becoming a regular at the store, Alice and Lance became fast friends. At the age of 19, after a year and a half of studying, Lance awakened 3 days before Samhain.

From that point forward, Lance showed a great deal of aptitude for the craft and advanced much more quickly than other Verbena his age.

At 22 Lance moved to San Francisco with Alice as she joined a much larger Verbena coven as an Elder. Lance was never formally initiated into the coven as it fell to a Technocratic attack.

From there Alice led Lance to safety in Hawthorne Heights, further cementing their bond as Lance was finally initiated formally as a Verbena under the Cat’s Paw coven. As a gift to celebrate his initiation, Alice and the Coven provided Lance with a familiar that he adeptly named Baldr.

Blessed By the Gods of Love –
Lance has had many relationships throughout the years, a few of which deserve special note—

Trent Lane—-
When Lance initially awakened he met Trent Lane and several other young Mages at the insistence of their mentors.
Lance secretly began to develop feelings for Trent as the pair went through various misadventures together; however, Trent’s impulses towards free love left Lance feeling that a true relationship could never be possible.
Lance’s unrequited feelings were so deep that he invited Trent to come live with him after his apartment was destroyed in a Technocratic Raid.
It was not until after Lance had forsaken the idea of being with Trent that his Australian companion began to realize Lance’s feelings and return them truly, but by then it was too late.
Trent accepted this and to this day remains one of Lance’s closest friend.

Matthew Blackman—-
As a young Questing Verbena, Lance was drawn to learn new and powerful sphere magick that his Mentor Alice could not teach him.
In secret, he met a man named Matthew Blackman, a powerful Verbena Warlock who promised to teach Lance whatever he wanted to know, in exchange for his complete obedience.
Lance initially had reservations, but Matthew was powerful, charismatic, and handsome. Eventually, after many reassurances, he agreed to Matthew’s tutelage.
Lance and Matthew had a strange relationship crossing the line between teacher and lover.
Matthew dominated Lance’s time for weeks, demanding Lance’s time for both study and Matthew’s personal enjoyment, demanding dinner and time alone where Lance was to share his innermost secrets and fantasies.
When it came to magick, Matthew liked to push Lance to the very threshold of his ability to take any more blackness, showing him the darkness he had refused to tap into, and the well of power within himself.
Eventually, Matthew pushed Lance one step too far and convinced him to perform his first sacrifice, a small forest hare. Lance did as he was instructed, but afterwards regretted it and abandoned Matthew’s teaching.
Matthew became furious, but Lance remained strong and would not bow to Matthew’s teachings any longer.
His role as both lover and teacher ended, Matthew and Alice proposed a battle, wherein the most powerful and clever would remain as Lance’s teacher.
It was almost certain that Alice would lose to Matthew’s raw power, and desire to inflict pain; however, the battle was cut short as the Technocracy was alerted to the Verbena activity and raided the sacred space that was to be their battle ground, sanitizing the node, and killing several of Lance’s Cabal-mates in the process.

In San Francisco Lance met a man named Jason Grey during a minor crisis involving a woman who had been attacked by a Vampire.
Lance had sensed that Jason was not human using his powers as a witch and was nervous of him at first, but he continued to run into Jason about the town.
Once Lance discovered what Jason was, Jason threatened him to stay away; however, the next time Jason saw Lance, he apologized for threatening him and the pair begun meeting at the bar Jason worked at regularly.
Lance began to develop feelings for the Child of Gaia Ahroun, but Jason did not initially return his feelings.
After confronting those feelings together, the pair developed a close friendship and Lance gave up his pursuit of Jason.
As time passed Jason began to become slightly possessive of Lance, finding himself jealous of other men Lance was interested in. Jason even went so far as to alter his attire at a suggestion from Lance, stating how handsome he would look in a suit.
Eventually Jason wound up pursuing Lance and the pair became a formal couple.
Months later, Jason was forbidden to be with Lance by the local Garou Sept, stating that the Verbena proposed a threat to secrecy and security. Jason tried to resist his feelings in favor of duty, but loved Lance too deeply and began to fall into Harano.
Soon afterwards Jason was lost in a raid of Black Spiral Dancers, around six months before the Technocrats attacked the local Mages.

Lance also had a relationship with a philanthropic Son of Ether named Leo Scott who he met after Jason was forbidden to see Lance any longer.
Leo was a Mage who possessed a wonder with the power to change his appearance.
The pair went through several misadventures together, but were very happy together.
They almost joined a Multi-Tradition Cabal before the Technocratic attacks in San Francisco occurred. It is assumed that Leo died in those same attacks.

Jason Round 2—-
After a year and some months of living peacefully in Hawthorne Heights, Lance received a phone call from Jason Grey telling him that the Garou had been lost in the Umbra for a few weeks, but was now back.
It was through a great deal of care from Lance that Jason was able to accept that he had been missing for almost two years.
It was discovered that the Garou Septs in San Francisco fell to Black Spiral Dancers, and Jason joined the local Glass Walker Sept.
The pair moved in together and their relationship fell into step as if they had never been apart.
After many adventures together, including an Umbral trip in a Nephandi Labyrinth (and a minor love triangle between Trent, Jason, and Lance), Jason and Lance’s relationship was strained to the breaking point.
Lance and Jason did not actually separate until after Trent had sacrificed himself to a powerful time spell in an effort to save a race of people from an alternate reality.
Without Trent’s influence on his life Lance learned to use magick much more freely and with less regard for safety. Struggling with Lance’s free use of magick, Jason ultimately left Lance (having always had reservations about magick).
Jason still lives in Hawthorne Heights, but has no contact with Lance by his choice.

Lance Cooper

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