Kathryn July

The Dancing Queen


Kathryn Morgan July

Age: 32

Height: 5’4"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Kathryn is a beautiful, slender woman with long curly blonde hair and an amazing sense of style.
Kathryn is a very firm and unyielding woman who always expects the best out of her students, and she can appear very off putting and even hateful because of this.


Kathryn was once a performer on Broadway, who had an amazing voice and was even better known for her dancing.

One year she quit, and went into teaching and never looked back; however, no one is sure of the reason why.
It is well known that she was a rising star, and had no reason to quit that anyone is aware of.

She now works at Richard Stockton University as one of their most prestigious professors.

She is a strong Cultist with powers over Mind, Forces, and Life, with some talent for Time and Prime.

She lost her most recent Mage pupil Content Not Found: samual-tharp to an overdose.
Kathryn was devastated that she did not see him spiraling out of control, and felt a great deal of personal guilt over this.
Those who know her saw this come out in how much more rigid her style of teaching became afterwards.

Kathryn July

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