Kaiden Alexander Grey

The Masked Mage


Age: 25

Height: 6’2"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light Brown

Kaiden typically wears comfortable clothing, suited to his task; however, he is not un-fond of outfits that others would consider somewhat revealing as they tend to breathe better.
Since Kaiden is more of an outsider, he rarely smiles unless he is with someone that he shares an intimate connection with. This habit tends to make it very difficult to connect with him initially.


A brash outsider, Kaiden Grey is not your typical Dream Speaker.
His style of magick is unique and his most common foci include animal and spirit tattoos and masks.

He has a tendency to associate with and protect spirits over people due to his upbringing.

He often makes rash decisions, which can make him difficult to deal with.
However, he always puts protecting those closest to him first, and his fighting style can make him a strong ally. Although it is difficult to connect with him at first, once you do, he is loyal to a fault.

He tends to spend his time in quieter environments, especially those close to nature.
Kaiden is most at ease around his closest friends if he must go out in public.

Kaiden was set on the path of an outsider from a young age.
He had few friends growing up due to the constant moving, and private tutoring his parents put him through.

Layla and Richard Grey were wealthy researchers, the nature of whose work Kaiden was never fully enlightened to.
His parents were often busy, and they had difficulty spending quality time as a family together, but they cared for him and showed much interest in his development, albeit from afar.

Being raised primarily by tutors and those who worked in the house took a further toll on Kaiden’s development, as his primary care givers were also in his employ.

His parents kept him moving, regularly and often.
The places that they would visit tended to be places that had some religious history to them, particularly Tribal Holy Grounds.
They would visit places like Africa and learn about the shamans and witch doctors who were attempting to contact the dead, used voodoo dolls or used strange herbs to create potions and incense for rituals.

One one journey of note, his parents were unable to bring him along; however, they brought back a very special tribal mask, which still hangs in his home today.

As he got older, his social awkwardness only became more prevalent.
In high school he was never particularly popular, regardless of how attractive he was. His hasty nature and quick temper often times got him in trouble, even if he was well intended.

It was shortly after his graduation that his life changed forever with a simple ring of a doorbell. One of the local police lieutenants rang the door bell, and broke the news that there had been a terrible accident.
The News stated that they had died in a terrible gas explosion; however, none of the testimony seemed to add up, raising Kaiden’s suspicion.

On investigating himself, he found that none of the witnesses seemed to have seen the same train of events. Everyone had been so panicked that some people swore it was a car crash, others advised that the corner of the building had simply collapsed on its own.

This led Kaiden to do a great deal of research, not only on the accident, but on his parent’s line of work.
Once he had begun to research what his parents had been doing before their deaths, Kaiden made his first contact with a spirit, Palotan, who had apparently befriended Kaiden’s father.

Palotan promised to teach Kaiden everything he could, in order to help solve the mystery surrounding his parent’s death. It was through his tutelage that Kaiden was able to awaken as a Dream Speaker.

After awakening as a Mage, Kaiden met Lance Cooper, a young, but talented Verbena who served as an assistant to Alice Fernbaker at the pagan supply shop Practical Magick.
After getting to know Lance well enough to be perceived through his Arcane, Kaiden begun spending time with Lance at the local coffee bar Halcyon and the pair became friendly acquaintances.

Shortly thereafter Kaiden, Lance, and several others including Trent Lane were dragged into an Umbral Pocket Dimension resembling a shifting Mansion by a powerful Nephandus.
In the process of trying to solve the labyrinthine puzzle they had found themselves in, Kaiden was flung forward in time, meeting Trent and his friends in a future adventure to the same dimension.

Together, the group overcame the Mansion and slew its creator. After everything was said and done, Kaiden was brought into the group and introduced to Rose.

His next adventure was in an alternate reality, where the group was sent to find another Nephandus. After an elaborate investigation, the group discovered that there was a great deal of corruption in the current government. A unanimous decision was made to join the Revolution and help overthrow the government in place. Having captured the Nephandus and overthrow the Capital’s forces, all that was left was to watch as Rose killed the Sovereign (her alternate self).

Shortly after this event, Rose came to him with intriguing information about Trent Lane advising that he had created a contract with her and forsaken his existence in this world to right the wrongs that occured during the Revolution.

Kaiden, burdened with knowledge of this newly alternate reality, signed a contract with Rose and learned of Trent’s importance in the time line. After a great deal of internal debate, Kaiden made a great sacrifice, signing yet another contract with Rose that he might travel back to the alternate reality and retrieve Trent.

The task at hand was much greater than he had thought it would be. Paradox in this reality was much more powerful than his own, and Trent was not willing to be rescued. Through these trials, Kaiden was triumphant and convinced Trent Lane to return to their home reality.

Kaiden Alexander Grey

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