Johan Faust

The Cursed Alchemist



Age: 535

Height: 5’8"

Hair: White

Eyes: Gray/Blue

An elderly and tired looking man in life with a distant thoughtful gaze.
He tends to dress in clothing closest to that of his era making him look often conspicuous.


Height: 7’3"

Skin covered with orange crystals and stone with strange white and blue runes marking the head hands and heart.



Once a powerful alchemist of 16th century Germany, Faust became power-hungry and blindly sought out a deal with a demon, Mephistopheles. He traded his soul to the demon in exchange for knowledge, power, and eternal life, but in leaving the details vague he doomed himself to his current fate. The demon instead bound his mind and soul apart from each other, locking Faust’s consciousness into a collection of stone and crystal he had been using to try and uncover the Lapis Philosophorum, creating an ironic farce of an eternal body in the form of a golem.

Then, he was trapped immobile on the astral plane, bound further into his own mindscape of hellish nightmares and tortures until Kaiden released him while searching for a legendary egg as part of a quest from Rose.

Desperate for an escape back into the mortal realm, Faust tricked Kaiden into willingly giving up his blood and body so Faust could possess his mind and return to the mortal realm. He now seeks out Rose to strike a deal for the return of his body and avatar.

Johan Faust

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