Jane Berkman

The Word of the Wild


Jane Rene’e Berkman

Age: 33

Height: 5’9"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Jane always wears beautiful floral gowns and sun dresses that compliment her complexion.
Jane is a fun and outgoing woman with a bright smile who always seems well put together.
Unlike many women in Prudence she enjoys modern fashion and always accessorizes quite well.


Jane Berkman was born and raised in Hawthorne heights, and went to school at Richard Stockton University for medicine. She had always wanted to better the world, but had a deeply spiritual approach to medicine, and a year before completing her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing she left Richard Stockton to study holistic medicine.

It was then that she awakened by the goddess Artemis and became initiated into the Verbena covens.
She awakened to strong healing magick, and quickly became the most renowned healer in all of Prudence for her combination of modern medicine and holistic healing.

Jane keeps a number of rescue and stray animals at her cottage where she helps to rehabilitate them through her power to speak with them, healing both their mental and physical scars. Once they are ready, she helps them to find a new family that will love them, or release them back into the wild.

Jane demonstrates a great deal of control over Life, Prime, and Spirit, and shows some finesse with Mind magick.

Jane Berkman

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