Ian Brightendale

The Standing Stone


Ian Allen Brightendale

Age: 36

Height: 6’6"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ian often wears plain comfortable t-shirts and carpenter’s jeans.
He is a quiet, but kind and personable man.


Ian was born in Prudence and raised his entire life around the Verbena.

He went to college at Richard Stockton University for a degree in Music Education, but spent some time in the Theater department, where he met his wife Selena Brightendale.

Selena and Ian have two daughters together, Serenity and Reyna.

Ian teaches at Hawthorne High School as the Choral Director.

Ian, while raised in an awakened world, was never chosen to awaken himself; however, he is happy to live immersed in the magick that fills his life. He is a hedge magician, who shows a great deal of talent with telekinetic abilities, and is able to perform simple healing enchantments.

Ian Brightendale

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