Hershel Boyle

The Hidden Judas


Age: 67

Height: 6’2"

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Brown

An old man, with an off-puttingly arrogant demeanor. His face was worn from years of gruelling slave-work to his biometrics industry employer. Not one to avoid self-experimentation, his hands had years-before been replaced with modular, transfigurable cybernetics that could remold themselves to suit most practical needs for work.


Having made a deal with Rose for protection should he or his research come under threat, he soon was made aware of how wise this was when he was kidnapped by a Nephandus who was the master of an umbral pocket dimension simply known as “The Mansion.” Cassandra Yvette Nystar, Kaiden Alexander Grey, Lance Cooper, and Helena were sent to retrieve him, and in the process they also killed the Nephandus in question, escaping with Hershel.

After bumbling through several missions where his theoretical experimentation experience was egregiously outweighed by his in-the-field ineptitude, Hershel had developed a reputation amongst his new friends for being at best incompetent, at worst an imbecilic coward.

During their final mission, at The Hive, however, all of this was stripped away the moment that Technocratic agents were in danger. Years of layered brainwashing and programming stripped away from him, and Hershel was revealed as a sleeper agent working on the Technocracy’s behalf. He turned on his team of mages, and was eventually killed in the fight, severing one of Kaiden’s hands before his leg was shot nearly off by Cassie, and he was run through by Kaiden.

Hershel died face-down in a patch of dirt and ash, thickly clotted with his own blood. He has not been missed.

Hershel Boyle

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