Helena "Handbasket"

The Practical Pagan


Standing 5’2" when barefoot, Helena is 24, though she doesn’t look a day over 21. Her face is a collection of angles contained in a heart shape of sorts, with almond eyes, and a stern expression. Her long wild hair, normally subdued in a high ponytail or messy bun, is a deep auburn with glints of copper red and undertones of black.

She is normally seen wearing black boots that add to her height, a army green backpack covered in black patches for random bands and feminist organizations, a collection of raw stone jewelry, and an ever varying assortment of black clothing that shifts from punk goth to pagan to renaissance depending on her mood and planned activities.


Hel grew up alone. This was not a statement of self pity but pride. Left in foster care at the age of 4, it was never made clear to her why she was given up but she took it as a sign that it would have been just another trap. While the children around her were one by one adopted into various families, she stood resolute and solitary, never allowing a sweet smile to betray her pale sharp features for the small beating heart they hid.

At the age of 14, she escaped the trap of the foster system to live under bridges, in abandoned facilities, and anywhere she felt safe to stay, so long as the promise was temporary. Later on she began carving small statuettes and selling them from a blanket on sidewalks and eventually gained reputation and skill, wanting to move on to bigger works. This then led to seeking to rejoin the world and get an apartment and apprenticeships with local sculptors, then eventually grew her skill until she established a home and studio of her own.

Having now established herself as a reclusive sculptor reveling primarily in the female form, trees, and animals, she was of course commissioned for many jobs displayed in pagan events and there met her mentor, Selena Brightendale. Shortly after, at a festival she encountered a woman named Rose, carrying a beautiful black stone she felt immediately necessary to acquire, which Rose granted under the condition that Hel fulfill a favor. Hel agreed and took the stone home. It was some weeks after that Hel awoke, under the prompting of the energy contained in that stone.

Hel spent a great deal of time exploring the magical world through her debt to Rose, ultimately paying it off and spending the majority of her time studying in Prudence with Selena.

Helena "Handbasket"

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