Hagatha Jenkins

The Swamp Witch


Hagatha Jenkins

Age: ??

Height: 5’4"

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Brown

Hagatha is a small older woman who walks around with a gnarled looking staff she refers to as her “Whompin’ Stick”. She often wears earthy colored shawls and dresses, and wears an exceptional number of beaded, gemstone, and bone necklaces.

She is the sole owner of The Hollard Log.


Hagatha’s past is a great mystery to all who know the eccentric swamp witch.

It is known that she is a mediator of disputes in the supernatural community and strives for equality among supernatural races.

She believes in standing up for what is right, no matter the cost, and will always be there to aid the weak and shield those who cannot protect themselves.

She has shown a great deal of aptitude in many types of magick according to word of mouth; however, the specific limitations of her power cannot truly be confirmed as there are very few first hand accounts of her using her powers.

Hagatha Jenkins

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