Gwennifer Hagal

The Wiccan Warrior


Gwennifer Michelle Hagal

Age: 30

Height: 5’7"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Gwennifer is almost always dressed in a woods guide’s outfit, even when she wears peasants dresses or tunics she is always wearing her trademark green cloak.
Her demeanor is very pleasant, kind, and giving; she naturally draws people to her through her good nature and makes an excellent leader.


Gwennifer was born in the town stead of Prudence before it had a name and was incorporated.

As the town is strictly Verbena and their kin, Gwennifer had always grown up knowing and loving magick. When she was initiated at the age of 16 she was deeply honored to be chosen to awaken by the goddess Athena.

Gwennifer is the Priestess of Prudence’s guardian circle, The Coven of the Silver Shield.
They are charged with defending the town and its innocents against any harmful spirits, and generally serve the function of police. One of Gwennifer’s duties includes investigating the misuse of magick, and is empowered to sentence Warlocks to the stripping of their powers or even death.

She shows a great deal of talent with Life, Mind, and Entropy, and has shown some talent with Prime and Spirit magicks.

Gwennifer Hagal

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