Elliot Goldman

The Hammer of Hephaestus


Elliot Brandon Goldman

Age: 37

Height: 6’5"

Hair: Salt and Pepper

Eyes: Black

Elliot always dresses nicely in public, usually with some guidance from his daughter Hope.
Elliot is a very stern man, who works hard to support his daughter. He can seem stand offish, but never means offense.


Elliot moved to Prudence from California after the covens there were attacked by Technocrats.

Elliot’s wife Melinda died in the battle for survival, leaving Elliot and their daughter Hope alone in the world.
He has felt the pangs loneliness without end since his wife died, and has often lamented that he did not have the power to save her.

Following Alice Fernbaker’s leadership, he scraped together a life in Prudence and joined the local covens.

Elliot is a blacksmith, and not much of a thinker. He has a great deal of physical and mental fortitude, but has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.
He makes a great deal of money doing custom pieces for people, along with small work that needs to be done around the town stead.

Elliot is one of few Verbena in Prudence who has near mastery of the Matter Sphere, and also shows a great deal of talent with the Forces and Time spheres, with some talent for Prime and Time.

Elliot Goldman

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