Derek McLannan

The Charming Deviant


Derry “Derek” O’Dorchaidhe McLannan

Age: 23

Height: 5’11"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Derek’s clothes struggle back and forth between the comfort of the casual and his love of nice things.
Often seen in a nice leather jacket or a casual looking button down and a pair of jeans with some minor distress to them.
Derek is very charismatic and has a very charming appeal to him, sometimes he can be hard to read, but he always seems to make it somehow add to his appeal.


Derek was raised in Somerville to the West of Hawthorne and practically grew up at Richard Stockton University.
His divorced father is a professor of history at Richard Stockton, and Derek made many trips to the college.

Derek awakened under the guidance of the Order a bit before he turned 22 and initially showed a great deal of aptitude towards wizardry; however, around the time he turned 23 he became complacent in his power and shown a great deal of defiance towards traditionalism and mostly uses his powers for self satisfaction.

Derek spends much of his time wandering about Hawthorne looking for the next bit of trouble he can get into or the next prank he can pull on an unsuspecting bystander.

Derek McLannan

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