The Party God


Age: 46

Height: 6’1"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Dallas has a very charming demeanor and a very inviting smile.
He dresses to suit his business and is often seen in leather or shirtless; however, he cleans up just as well for a business meeting in sleek modern suits.


Dallas is almost always seen out on the floor of his underground bar The Basement and is the undisputed king of throwing elaborate crazy parties in Hawthorne Heights.
Any event that Dallas holds is sure to have a large turn out of young attractive college students, as well as Cult of Ecstasy Mages.

He is a well established and powerful Cultist who has demonstrated a great deal of control over the Mind, Forces, and Life Spheres.

For Mages looking to work off some of their debt to Rose, he is well known as an excellent place to turn to.
He will help to execute bargains, arrange connections, and help to handle black market trade all dealing in favors. And he is always looking for a helping hand or two from someone competent in their Sphere knowledge.


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