Crassilla Salazar

The Serpent's Blade


Crassilla Bernadette Salazar

Age: 31

Height: 6’

Hair: Red (Natural)

Eyes: Green

Crassilla dresses in a very provocative manner when out in public or at ritual, but she has been known to wear much more practical gear when patrolling the woods around Prudence or when on a mission.
Crassilla is very stern and serious, she does not warm up well to people, and can be very intimidating.


Crassilla was born and raised in the town stead of Prudence, and is currently the Lieutenant of the ‘Coven of the Silver Shield’, the defensive circle of Prudence.

She has always played second fiddle to her best friend Gwennifer Hagal, but has always been supportive of her leadership and never questions Gwen’s judgement in front of their coven.

Crassilla has always shown excellent prowess in melee combat as well as hand to hand, and is highly adept at Life, Entropy, and Forces sphere magick, showing some talent for Correspondence.

Crassilla Salazar

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