Cassandra Yvette Nystar

The Gun-toting Badass


Age: 22

Height: 5’10"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Detailed: Cassandra is a statuesque, 22 year old red head with blue eyes, fair skin, and mid-back length hair usually tied in a ponytail. She is often seen in jeans and a non-descript T-shirt with a baggy dark purple trench coat belying her figure underneath.


While little is known of Cassandra’s origins, she appears to have had a normal childhood until the age of 8, when her mother passed away. She was then sent to orphanage after orphanage and was occasionally taken in by a foster family, which would either send her back due to her cynical nature or pass away in a few rare instances.

While she was at the orphanage, she found her love of magic tricks when a magician came in for a show as part of his court mandated community service. She quickly learned every trick she could and came up with several of her own. She then began performing tricks for the other orphans, and they would begin to warm up to her. She has stated a few times that she was encouraged in her hobby by an Auntie Rose.

By the age of 13, most of the other orphans, even some of the older ones, began looking up to her as a big sister figure due to her mature, no nonsense attitude, joy in performing her magic tricks, and her staunch belief in keeping the innocent that way. Many of the bullies from the orphanages she lived in stay away from red heads and have nightmares of a red headed Fury even to this day.

At the age of 18, she was released from the social services system, which caused the administrators working her case to throw a party that lasted days. She began collecting a stipend as part of her trust that she could access now that she was of age, and she began attempting to get work as a magician. After much bureaucracy, red tape, and fees, she finally joined the “Magician Community of Philadelphia”, and then her real problems began.

For two years, she couldn’t get enough shows to even try making a name for herself, so, seeing no alternative, she went to work as a magician’s assistant for the head of the magician association. Then came the show that would change her life.

After finishing a trick, making a flourish, and displaying an obviously fake smile for the small crowd, the magician smacked her rear end as she walked passed. She stopped, frozen in place in front of the crowd as her smile broke and fell. Accounts as to what happened after that vary greatly. What is known is that the incident was just seen as an extension to the magic show, and it was only the roar of applause that broke Cassandra out of her death glare. The dark vanished and she plastered on another obviously fake smile and bowed to the audience.

As she looked out, she spotted one set of eyes that weren’t filled with joy and wonder, but rather had a knowing look to them. Those were the eyes of a man who had seen real magic before. They were the eyes of the man who would go backstage later and knock on her door.

They were the eyes of a man she would come to call “Teach” and who would mentor her after she joined the Euthanatos.

She disappeared after that only to surface again two years later as she returns home to Hawthorne Heights.

Since returning, she has taken on Gun Slinger as her mentor, and on rare occasions, does a magic show.

Cassandra Yvette Nystar

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