Brad Greenwell

The Numbers Guy


Bradford Edwin Greenwell

Age: 32

Height: 6’

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Bradford always wears casual attire, even when he’s at work. At best he’ll wear a short sleeved button down and a pair of khaki pants with some black slip on shoes.
While handsome, he comes off as somewhat arrogant and aloof.


Brad is one of the two heads of staff at The Basement along with Chris Lyons, and is in charge of pay roll along with organizing security, both technological and physical.
He arranges for the purchase of all liquor shipments, and generally does anything Dallas needs regarding numbers or surveillance.

He mostly stays behind the scenes, but occasionally comes in to do the odd job as DJ or bartender, but usually just in interest of seeing how things are going.

A moderately talented Virtual Adept, he uses his skills in Correspondence, Mind, and Prime to create enchantments that enhance the success of the business, and protect the patrons.

Brad Greenwell

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