Anthony Richards

The Hand of Petals


Anthony Richards

Age: 28

Height: 6’ 1"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Mousy brown

Eyes: Blue

Anthony Richards is a moderately attractive man, tall and of average build. He speaks unaccented English, and when speaking other languages, only a hint of an accent.
He dresses in fitted suits, usually with a necktie or formal ascot.


Anthony Richards was probably born to a middle class family. He was probably an only child, and probably went to a normal school, had normal girlfriends, went to university.

He probably Awoke in the normal, violent and unpleasant manner, and probably found his way to The Order of Hermes and his mentor through the University.

Probably. But, because of something someone else did, he doesn’t know for sure. Can’t know for sure. You see, Anthony Richards wasn’t quite real.

8 years of his life, from his power to his job, even his big life decisions, were the result of another mage’s life being ripped apart by that mage’s wish. That man’s voice drove him to achieve, then to his friends, and the rest of those pieces.

And finally, when that man returned, Anthony’s only real friend paid the cost, and a little piece of Anthony began to leak out and falter. To be made whole, Anthony traded his service. A year and a day, for being made entirely whole and real.

With his new lease on life, he plans to make big changes. Expand his knowledge, abilities, and maybe even his influence with the Order of Hermes. Just as soon as he’s done cataloging and sorting this next set of items. What, exactly, is the difference between a rod and a wand, and how do you alphabetize sanskrit scrolls?!

Anthony Richards

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