Alice Fernbaker

The Proprietary Priestess


Alice Elizabeth Fernbaker

Age: 83

Height: 5’5"

Hair: White

Eyes: Green

Alice wears beautiful robes and flowing dresses in her older age and position as Verbena Priestess.


Alice most commonly known for running the most popular pagan store in Hawthorne Heights Practical Magick. She is a kindly older woman who is usually willing to help young Verbena with any current problems they may be having by giving sound advise and maybe even helping with a spell.

Alice was born in San Antonio, Texas, and opened a pagan shop in the nearby capital city of Austin. The shop was known as ‘The Bell, Book, and Candle’, and was moderately successful.

In 2012 she abandoned ‘The Bell, Book, and Candle’ for an opportunity to move to San Francisco, California along with her apprentice Lance Cooper after being offered the position of Elder in the coven of the ‘Silver Rose’.

In 2014 every Cabal in San Francisco came under attack from the Technocracy and fell. At this point, she assumed the position of High Priestess during the state of emergency saving all Verbena who would follow her by fleeing to Hawthorne Heights in New Jersey. After settling there the exclusively Verbena coven was reborn as ’Cat’s Paw’.

Alice has shown a great deal of power over Life, Mind, and Spirit, as well as some finesse with Prime, Time, and Correspondence.
Though she is a powerful Verbena Priestess, she has chosen to age as normally as her powers let her stating that it is the path of all things in this world to experience the mysteries of life and death, even old age.

Alice Fernbaker

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