The Elegant Erudite


Age: 22

Height: 5’5"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Alanna is a very pleasant and charming young woman who always wears beautiful gowns and dresses.
She always looks like she’s preparing to go to a renaissance festival or a ball gown, with elaborate but beautifully braided hair, and simple but elegant make up.
She always wears a charming and bright smile, and makes everyone she meets feel as though they are a friend.


Alanna’s parents were both Will Workers who lived in the woods near Hawthorne, who died a number of years ago due to a yet undisclosed accident involving the Order of Hermes and perhaps the Fae.
Alanna since worked diligently to understand as much as she can about the Umbra and Will Working, and eventually Awakened herself.

She has continued to live in her family home, with her two blue birds and best friends she has lovingly named Hokey and Pokey.
Alanna’s power to speak with animals skews her view on the world as she tends to see it in the simplest terms. While incredibly bright, she has no talent for lying and tends to take the world at face value, leaving her somewhat vulnerable to the dangers of the world.

After a brief stint of adventuring with Lance, Trent, Cassandra and company, Alanna’s mentor Ana declared that the party lacked discipline and focus, forbidding her to continue adventuring with the others for her own safety. Since then, Alanna has spent most of her time studying under Ana’s watchful eye.


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