Adam English

The Son of Hermes


Adam Joseph English


Height: 5’6"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Adam’s sense of fashion seems to suit his mood. He may go from wearing just a t-shirt and jeans at work, and then turn around to wear vests and dress slacks and a bow tie to go out.
Adam is a very bright and handsome boy, but seems to lack some of the confidence that should go with it.


Adam works at a local gaming store Out of the Box Games as a simple events planner for the location.

He is very knowledgeable and passionate about physics and chemistry, and often surprises people when he applies the same passion to metaphysical interests and supernatural phenomenon.

The handsome lad completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physics at Richard Stockton University at the young age of 20 and is currently working on his Master’s.

Adam is known to be a bit odd in the Mage world, as he awoke with a very unique paradigm that spanned across both the Order of Hermes and the Sons of Ether traditions. He takes tutelage from both traditions, and is coming to be a rising star in both worlds. He shows great control over Matter, Forces, Mind, and Spirit.

He shares a 2 bedroom apartment with his best friend Sara Kissinger.

Adam English

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