Matthias Schwarz

The Oath Breaker


Matthias Lugner Schwarz

Age: 36(?)

Height: 6’1"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Honey Brown

Matthias always wears sleek stylish modern outfits. Be it a suit or tasteful casual dress, he is always well put together.
Matthias has a quiet air of confidence that draws people to him. His smile is charming, and he speaks with the slightest touch of a German accent.


Matthias is a business man who came to Hawthorne in late 2014, and seems to have his hands in many different things at once.
He runs a small local shipment company that functions on the docks of Hawthorne Harbor.
He also distributes antiquities to the local auction house, and will help the wealthy and eccentric to locate hard to find and valuable items.

Matthias came from a German background, but moved to the states at a young age. His accent only comes out strongly when he has been drinking.

His nature as a business man leads him to be very organized and he often takes time to think about any venture he moves on, even the smallest, taking time to consider the risks and calculate the odds.

Matthias may show the facade of an attractive young businessman, but he is also a Verbena Warlock who has openly abandoned his vows to harm none with his power. While he does not hold true to this value, he has also never posed a particular threat and the local covens have decided to coexist with him.

His powers are a bit of a mystery, as he holds them in his back pocket, preferring to allow others to work for him.

Matthias is a broker of information to the supernaturals of Hawthorne, but only those with the knowledge or wealth to acquire his services.
He has been known to trade off Rose’s favors in exchange for objects and information.

Matthias Schwarz

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